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May Flowers

Our troubles have always brought us blessings, and they always will. They are the black chariots of bright grace. These clouds will empty themselves before long, and every tender herb will be the gladder for the shower. Our God may drench us with grief, but He will not drown us with wrath; nay, He will refresh us with mercy….Let us not worry about the clouds but sing because May flowers are brought to us through the April clouds and showers.

An excerpt taken from a classic devotional by Charles Spurgeon

I was encouraged by this quote because I always and only remember the times when my life was filled with clouds and rain, but forget the times when flowers bloomed and the sun shone bright. I haven’t written in so long and there are too much to say, I will leave that for another time in the future. In this post, I’d like to feature a talented photographer whom I consider as a friend, a sister in Christ and a companion in the battles of life.

May Flowers

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Please check out her pages:


Facebook: Jessica C. Photography

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Say Your Name

What inspired your title? 

Choosing a name and tagline that completely and uniquely represents YOU is very hard, especially for the indecisive ones. I hate choosing usernames or email addresses for sites like twitter, instagram, msn (in the good ol days)…etc. Because the moment I choose them and hit the “confirm” button, I know I will regret this name in the near or far future because it’s so hard to pin point who you are with one to three words. And you never want it to sound too cheesy, or loser-ish, which always turns out to be the case.

Fears aside, and plunging in the blogging world, I need to give my blog a name, with this blog, I’m going to call it “Petite Me”. I don’t know if I will regret this in the future, but for now, I think it is most fitting. “Petite” in French is used to describe a woman having a small and dainty build, usually under 5’4. With that being said, physically, I qualify as a petite person, I’m so thankful that some stores carry “petite” sizes. Although, I must emphasize, being petite doesn’t mean thin, and thinner girls are not necessarily petite, but I’m not here to talk about weight issues, that deserve a whole blog on it’s own. I believe having a healthy and confident body, whatever your build is, depends on a positive attitude to view yourself and avoiding comparing yourself with others. Your physical body is very smart that with the proper amount of food intake and exercise, you will fall into a perfect weight that is ideal for your body type. I disagree with the various ways our society has pressured and portrayed the women’s body, even at a very young age, but again, I will leave that issue to another blog post in the future.

Using the name “Petite Me” also describes my state of mind at the moment. In this world, at this hour, I couldn’t feel any smaller than I ever felt and hopefully will ever feel in the future. Indeed, a petite me in a big big world. The world is walking at a pace that I believe (for the moment) I will never be able to catch up to. There are too many fears, anxieties, expectations, aspirations, failed dreams and lost hopes that are like weights attached to my already shackled feet. At the age of 25, with no real direction in life, I feel as if my identity is shrinking by the hour. But things don’t have to always sound so depressing. There is also hope in this name. I’m beginning to view this as a period for discovering myself. Life is but a learning experience. We learn until we are old, until we pass on our dreams and hopes to the next generation. I still have so much I want to know; skills I want to learn and new worlds to discover.

So here is what inspired my title: the “Petite Me”. I hope with the little time I have on this earth that I’ll discover “the greatness in the small things of life.”

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Who I am and Why I’m here

Thanks to Blogging 101 that prompted me to write this post about who I am and why I’m here.

I haven’t joined WordPress for long, it’s only been a couple of months and I guess I feel comfortable sharing my ideas and thoughts here, publicly. My name is Hadassah; Hebrew for Esther. I’m not Jewish, in fact, far from it. I actually chose this name myself when my family immigrated to Canada 15 years ago. I loved the story “Esther” in the Bible and at 10 years old at the time, I wanted to be just like her: brave, beautiful and full of faith. I am now 25 and recently engaged to a wonderful man. I look forward to where life will take me in the future.

The following are some questions to get me started with introducing myself (thank you for being patient so far):

Q. Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

A. I do keep a journal, and I enjoy that very much. But blogging has always been something I wanted to attempt. I think it’s never too late to start something fresh, so here it is!

Q. What topics do you think you’ll write about?

A. I love sharing life with others around me. I once heard a quote and it goes something like this: “It takes its place at the heart of our ability to see greatness in small things.” I want this blog to be about that. I want to be able to see and share the greatness in the small things of life. I’ll be blogging about an array of topics such as: Travel, Food, Thoughts, DIY, Fashion…etc. The things that inspire me.

Q. Who would you love to connect with via your blog?

A. Like-minded people.

Q. If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

A. That I would inspire others to see the good in life. And on top of that, to have a community of bloggers who are passionate about the same things I am.


I’m re-arranging my room today. From the bookcase to my ikea POÄNG to the bed and desk…etc. Great feeling to a fresh start. Some times re-arranging stuff will allow you to see a different perspective and inspire you to attempt greater things. What are you doing today?


Albion Falls – Hamilton, ON, Canada

I love traveling, going on little ‘adventures’ and discovering new things. My interest and lack of money (to go overseas) has inspired me to discover the gems around me. We always want to travel elsewhere; to uncover a foreign land, but we often forget how beautiful things are around us.

Just a week ago, I visited a friend of mine. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Hamilton is a really neat town. It has the feel of a bustling city with a soul of a small town girl. Hamilton’s also known for it’s many waterfalls. They’re not as majestic as Niagara Falls, but every one of them deserve your full attention. This time, we visited Albion Falls. It’s hidden in the crevasse of a forest, it’s about 62 feet high and 59 feet wide. You can easily spot it along the road.

Side view of Albion Fall

Side view of Albion Fall

Front view of Albion Fall

Front view of Albion Fall

Here’s my challenge to you:

Discover a local gem, blog about it and “pingback” to me.


Right Outta College

Thank you “365 Days of Thank You” for linking my first blog post!

365 Days of Thank You

I wrote about my first job after college originally on day five on my year-long expedition to thank someone every day.  I look back on it now and professionally, I am not in the same “place” I was a year ago.  No matter, I still remember with great fondness my first job after I graduated from college.


JCCI think most anyone in the workforce for any length of time, can clearly remember their first job.  There are several jobs that I’ve loved along the way: waitressing, director of a nursery school, director of an AmeriCorps project. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed some of the jobs I’ve done and I’ve been good at them.  Along the way I’ve learned what to do and what not to do to be successful. Lessons that hurt, helped, healed, and hurried us down our career and life paths.

I’d like to thank the person who gave me my first job in…

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Food and Drinks

Wake up to a cup of tea!


Lately I’ve been enjoying this “Coffee Pu’erh” tea from David’s. I’ve wanted to replace my not-so-big coffee addiction for a while now, but never quite found an equal until this tea. I’m definitely not saying drinking coffee is a bad thing, in fact, coffees are AMAZING!! But on some days, I prefer something milder than coffee.

Pu’erh teas are a type of fermented black tea produced in the Yunnan province of China. Compared to the western black teas, Pu’erh teas give off a darker hue and it has a very strong Chinese herb taste to it. I drink it mostly for its health benefits, not so much the taste. Although mixed with coffee beans it tastes very earthy and creamy.

Health benefits that come with Pu’erh are many, you may know more than I do. For one, it’s a good suppressor for fatty acids in the liver, it’s also used for weight loss. I like it for the purpose of helping with indigestion. I’d love to hear why you drink Pu’erh teas in the comment below.

So this morning, have yourself a cup of tea, I take mine with brown sugar and milk. But whatever your cup is, enjoy it before your day gets busy.